Where are your products manufactured? 
Our facility is located in Aurora, Colorado, approximately 20 miles east of Denver.

Where do I find pricing information? 
Please call for pricing.

Are lids available?
Yes, we offer snap on lids as well as threaded lids.

Are lids included in my container price?
All lids are priced separately. 

Can I order lids in color?
We stock natural snap on lids and threaded white unlined lids. We can refer you to the lid manufacturer if you need a colored lid.

How are the containers packed and what is the package quantity?
Our standard packaging is either a tray pack on a standard 40 x 48 pallet or a large poly bag, filled with layers of jars separated by cardboard sheets. The amount of items per package varies with the size of the container.

Is freight included?
All items are priced for Aurora, Colorado and do not include freight. We can provide you a freight quote.

Can I set up the carrier?
Yes, you can make your own freight arrangements.

What is the minimum I can order?
On small items, the minimum is 5,000 pieces, and for large items the minimum is 2,000 pieces.

Do you have stock on your items?
All items are made to order, we do not have stock on the floor.

What is your manufacturing lead time?
Normal lead time is 2-3 weeks from receipt of order.

Can you do labeling?
We have labeling capabilities, please call for a quote.

Can I get my items in color?
Depending on quantity, yes, we can quote the additional cost for a colored item.

Can you make a custom mold for my products?
We are happy to quote a custom item for you. Please call us for a quote.


21250 East 36th Drive Unit A
Aurora, CO 80011

p:: (720) 340-8800
e:: info@gorightppl.com

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 
8:00am - 5:00pm

Shipping & Receiving Hours:
Monday - Friday
6:00am - 5:00pm